History of The Muy Grande

Speak of deer contests and the Muy Grande Deer Contest always comes to mind. The very first deer contest began in 1965 in the small South Texas town of Freer....Read More

Iconic Muy Grande Deer Contest Turns 50!

The former high school track star, who ran a mile in about four and a half minutes, spent his days after graduation pumping gas, cleaning windshields and fixing flats in the tiny Duval County oil town at the crossroads of U.S. 59 and State Highway 16. But this son of migrant workers had big ideas....Read More

2015 Scholarship Recipients

The Non Profit Organization, Muy Grande Ministries, distributed scholarships to 9 Freer High School Seniors totaling an appoximate amount of $4,000. Read More

"Good-bye Old Friend"

The Muy Grande's longtime friend, Willie H. Esse, Jr., past away... Read More