Rules & Regulations

Printable version - Muy Grande Categories
  •  All participants must register for the Muy Grande Deer Contest BEFORE harvesting their animal in order to be eligible for the contest.  Absolutely NO EXCEPTONS!
  • Registration is $25.00 per hunter, including youth. 
  • On-Line Registration is $26.00 per hunter, including youth.
  • Registered youth entries must be 16 yrs old or younger.
  • A hunter is considered registered for the Muy Grande Contest at the exact time that payment is received.
  • All registered hunters are eligible to win only one category unless hunter has other animals that qualify him/her for other categories.
  • All registered hunters must comply with the rules & regulations set forth by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.
  • In the event that a registered hunter is unable to bring their animal to the Muy Grande store to be scored, score sheets from a certified TBGA scorer will be accepted.  PLEASE SEND IN YOUR PAPERWORK IN A TIMELY MANNER.  SCORESHEETS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE CONTEST HAS ENDED. 
  • All score sheets and photographs of registered entries and their animal become the property of Muy Grande, Inc. and may be used for future promotions/and or advertisements.
  • Only registered hunters living or land owners in Duval County are eligible for the Mr/Miss Duval County categories.  Adults or youth qualify for these categories.
  • Every animal must be field dressed (no liver, heart, etc) for weight categories.
  • No trapped, penned, brood, or tagged bucks! (except for Macho Grande Categories)
  • The spread is determined by measuring the outside of the main beans.
  • Points:  one inch or longer
  • All animals considered for weight divisions, must be weighed on the Muy Grande scales, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Muy Grande, Inc. reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value.
  • All shipping costs will be paid by the winner in the event that the winner cannot attend the Muy Grande Awards Ceremony. WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ALL WINNERS TO ATTEND THE AWARDS BANQUET OR HAVE SOMEONE ACCEPT THEIR AWARD ON THEIR BEHALF.
  • Husband & Wife Category means that the husband & wife must be legally married and not a common law marriage.
  • Youngest Successful Hunter category must have a video kill and must harvest a buck.
  • Hunters must be a licensed hunter in the state of Texas, Mexico, or other state if in the Out of State Category.
  • Macho Grande Category is for tagged/penned deer only.  Winners may be youth/male/female or adults.
  • For the Muy Grande All Around Categories, the formula is as follows:

    Weight _____x1=
    Points _____x5=
    Spread ____x5=
    Circum Lt Beam _____x1=
    Circum Rt Beam _____x1=    TOTAL MUY GRANDE SCORE

  •  All entries for the Purple Heart Category MUST submit a copy of their DD214 and Purple Heart orders to the Muy Grande Deer Contest in order to qualify for this category.  The MGDC will then confirm that all paperwork and orders are indeed valid. 
  • All entries for the Active Duty Military Category MUST submit a copy of their Military ID or ERB to the Muy Grande Deer Contest in order to qualify for this category.  The MGDC will then confirm that all paperwork is indeed valid. 
  • Mexico Deer, Out of State Deer, and Macho Grande Deer can only compete in their Division.  If they get beat, they can be moved to the 160+ - 200 + CLUB. 
  • In the event that a faxed or emailed score sheet is questionable, the Muy Grande reserves the right to request  that the hunter’s deer be brought to the Muy Grande Headquarters to be re-scored by one of our own scorers. 
  • All youth entries will be placed in the Kids Korner if his/her animal does not lead in a Youth Category. 
  • A landowner may register his/her hunters for the current season.  All hunters will be registered under the landowner’s or ranch’s name.  Animals entered in the contest from other ranch names will NOT be allowed. 
  • Animals killed by a bow are eligible to compete in other categories besides the Pope & Young Division. 
  • For the Pope & Young Divisions, deer must be harvested with compound bows or re-curve bows.  Any deer harvested with a cross bow will be placed in the other rifle divisions. 
  • Scoring will be done between the hours of 8:00 am – 8:00 pm. 
  • For the Youngest Most Successful Hunter Category, a female and male winner will be chosen.  They must include a video of their buck hunt to the judges.